“make a dream comes true~popular female musician in NY “
TV Asahi broadcasted in Jan. 2011

“up-and-comers like Japanese flutist Yukari is a particular passion for Osby” -Boston Globe

“Yukari exercised virtuosity as a flutist in her piece For Glenn Gould, a technically challenging piece that showed not only her attention to the works of the Canadian pianist, but her own proficient orchestration.” –  The Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica)

Yukari’s improvisation creates a mesmerizing, serene, other-worldly atmosphere; she plays with a beautiful tone, imaginative air sounds, and impeccable intonation.
Patricia Spencer (Flutist, Da Capo Chamber Players)



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2009 Nov. Internet TV “You Play Jazz “ Interview
2010 Dec. CS Asahi broadcast ”源流ジャズ”
Yukari Quartet Live at Pit Inn(Japan)
2011 Jan. TV Asahi Interview
2012  CD”Dreams” was used in
Anime”Apo’s Dream” (宇宙兄弟アポ)Kodansha
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Sep.  J-wave Tokyo Morning Radio live performance
2011 Jan   FM Tochigi Radio Berry(japan)
2012  Feb, Mar. Coast FM

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Nov. “luminous” was introduced on
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Apr. CD“luminous” is introduced on magazine “kirei no mahou”
July  CD“ Dreams” is reviewed on Jazz page, Jazz Life
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2016  June~ Youtube Lesson published by Also publishing