Bulot à Plumes (feathered whelk)

 SYLVAIN FOURNIER : percussions                

SERGIO VALDEOS : guitare 7 corde

YUKARI : flutes     

An acoustic trio formed in 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Yukari (flute – Japan), Sergio Valdeos (7-string guitar – Peru) and Sylvain Fournier (percussions – Switzerland). Starling, nightingale, eagle, uguisu, pigeon, kingfisher, albatross, uirapuru, ostrich…Sources of musical inspiration drawn from the dawn, birds have this time given us inspirations for an original and colourful repertoire, at the crossroads of the different influences and experiences of each member of the trio. The common musical playgrounds between the contemporary jazz of Yukari, the Latin music in which Sergio has always been immersed and the bric-a-brac of Sylvain’s DIY and percussive inventions produce unique sound of “Les oiseaux”. It is a musical adventure with a great rhythmic and aesthetic openness towards the southern hemisphere, finely cropped compositions, a pronounced taste for improvisation, adventure and surprises…Tweet tweet!


Les oiseax https://youtu.be/AuUaCCrHEjM

Olhos de aguia https://youtu.be/ARY0JKjQSYg