Otodama ー音霊 (now on draft)

Luc Müller -percussions

YUKARI -flutes

photo :Elisa Artengo

Otodama is a musical encounter between a flutist and a percussionist which brings about a meditative improvised music, where silence and all its noises are considered as a third musician.

Listening is the main architect and does not put a hierarchy between the surrounding sounds and the musical sounds.

Otodama went to record in the forest whose sounds are a source of inspiration whatever the musical context in which the duo performs.

The exploration of inner musicality, free, without any demonstrative will, makes the flutist slide at times towards percussion and the percussionist towards the breath. Thus, the roles are sometimes exchanged, the blowing becomes tapping and the tapping becomes blowing.

Beyond the sounds of the forest, the sounds of the musicians, the sounds of silence, it embarks on the sound journey and finding the path that leads to the origin of all these sounds, life and its creative energy, and of trying to sculpt a musical form from them.